June 2017 Meeting


Once again, I’m running behind getting the announcement out due to my crazy schedule lately. My apologies. I’m probably going to migrate the mailing list to an email marketing service I can use to schedule announcements and have them go out automatically. Just need time to implement it. Stay tuned.

Anyway, our June meeting will be this Saturday, June 3, at 2PM at my house — 112 Oakbeech Ct. in Holly Springs.

Instead of featuring a recording artist and flutemaker as I usually do, I’m going to present a seminar on traditional flute playing that I’ve done at various festivals around the country. Here’s a quick description: Native American flute music as it was traditionally played is quite a bit different than the music we hear today. In this one hour workshop, we will listen to examples of some of the earliest recorded flute music, explore how songs are structured, and learn some basic techniques that will allow you to play in a similar style.

Please do your best to be on time so we can start promptly.

Then we’ll do some facilitated playing activities. As always, if you have a song to share, whether it’s a traditional tune, an improv piece, or a jam with you and a few friends, we look forward to hearing it. If you just want to hang out and listen, that’s cool too. If you’d like to bring a snack to share, feel free to do so.

In order to make life a little easier for all of us, I went ahead and scheduled out all meetings for 2017. Many of you have already volunteered to host these meetings and to act as our monthly facilitator for playing time, and I definitely appreciate that. Here’s the schedule listing both host and facilitator for each month:

July 1: Ed & Dawn / Ed & Dawn
August 5: Catrrine & Mark / Catrrine & Mark
September 9: Mara / Mara
October 7: Host needed / Facilitator needed
November 4: Jeff & Kim / Michelle
December 9: Annual holiday shindig at Jon’s house

As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any feedback regarding the flute circle. I look forward to seeing you on the 3rd.

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By Jon Norris

Jon Norris is a full-time musical instrument maker living in Holly Springs, NC. He has been playing the Native American style flute since the early 90's, and has been making them since 2002.